Boots Sooo Sensitive Baby Wipes, single pack- 60 wipes

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Our Soooƒ?? Sensitive newborn baby wipes have been specially developed to be mild and gentle enough for your newborn baby's delicate skin. ?ÿ

We've developed these wipes to be used daily on your newborn, or on sensitive, eczema prone skin. ?ÿThey've been dermatologically tested and we've ensured they're hypoallergenic.

We've made sure our wipes contain 99.4% water and are free from alcohol so that they're gentle and mild, perfect for sensitive skin. ?ÿThese wipes are the perfect addition to your daily routines, from nappy change, to feeding and play time, and they're ideal for the rest of the family too.

Key features

  • 99.4% water
  • Suitable for eczema prone skin